Why soy wax?

We love the environment and you. We want to keep both healthy and thriving. Soy wax burns cleanly and slowly, it doesn’t contain any of that nasty stuff like herbicides, pesticides or toxins, and it’s made from vegetables so it’s renewable (tick) eco-friendly (double-tick) and carbon neutral (take THAT global warming).


Why wooden wick?

You don’t want to worry about your perfect moments being ruined by pesky wicks that don’t light fast, burn through your wax at an alarming speed or are made out of nasty unnatural stuff, do you? Neither do we. We use wooden wicks in our candles to make sure you get all the benefits – like extended burning time, no toxins and a little special soothing crackling fire sound – and none of the bad things.


Why are there bubbles, colour variations or cracks in my awesome candle?

We want to make sure every candle we send to you is lovingly hand-poured by us. Minor imperfections, slight variations in colour and design are not defects but signs that the candles are hand-made (by little ol' me, who only want the best for you).


Do you refill candles?

But of course! Did we mention that we love the environment and love reusing and recycling? Just send your vessels back to us and we’ll give you a discount for being an awesome healthy Earth crusader.


What is the shelf life?

If you store your new Belash Candle at less than 25 degrees (Celsius) and out of direct sunlight (nobody likes a candle with a tan) they’ll stay happy for approximately three years… if only relationships were that easy!


Belash Soy Candles want to give you the best experience ever.  Heres how you can help achieve its goal:

  •  Burning sessions shouldn't last for more than four (human) hours.  The first time you light up a Belash Soy Candle depends on its diameter.  A good rule to follow : 1 hour per inch  (2.54 cm for the metric fans out there).  For example, if your container has 3 inches in diameter, you should only burn your candle for 3 hours maximum at a time.  This will help the soy wax's memory achieve its peak aroma performance.  


  • Keep those wicks trimmed to just over half a centimetre and keep the wick centred.  We suggest not doing this while the candle is burning, but I'm sure you learned about flames being really, really hot, years ago.


  • Belash Soy Candles are jam-packed with the maximum fragrance allowed in a candle.  If you're not getting the right amount of delicious aroma, you could try leaving it in the room for a little longer or sometimes just one candle isn't enough for a big room.  One solution - move it to a smaller space.  Another solution - buy more candles yay!  Yet another solution - purchase a candle fragrance that also comes with a diffuser to assist in continual fragrance emancipating throughout your home.


  • Our large container candles will burn for approximately 55+ hours and our mini container candles burn for approximately 10+ hours. Our melts burn for approximately 10 hrs per cube and our diffusers last for approximately 6 months. Thats HEAPS of beautiful dates, dinner parties with your besties or just some beautiful me-time. 


  • If you notice that your little pot of joy is not lighting, sometimes I can get a little carried away with the amount of wax I try to squeeze into your vessel and it tends to drown the poor little wooden wick with fragrant soy goodness.  Simply scrape away some of the wax from around the wick and then relight. It should 'burn baby burn' without any issues. If you continue to have any problems please don't hesitate to contact us at info@belash.com.au. 


  • If your belash soy candle seems to have a flame that is burning like crazy, extinguish immediately and trim your wick.  To do this, wait for the wick to cool and simply snap off with your finger tips, ensuring to take out all of the wick trimmings from the candle.  Also, make sure that you don't have your heavenly pot of amazingness in a draft area as this can increase the flame height too.  


We care about you and want you to be safe:

  • Never ever leave a burning candle unattended. 
  • Lit candles should be out of reach of children, pets and should be placed on a stable, heat resistant surface. 
  • Keep it away from curtains, books, fabrics or anything that could catch flame easily.  For the love of god, keep it away from granny's polyester nightie - you know, the one with the quilted shoulders and the pink roses and lace all over it?
  • Keep those wicks trimmed to 4-6mm! Its easier than keeping our waists trim, and it keeps those flames a safe size. 
  • When the candle is burning, keep your hands away.  The glass can get hot. 
  • Keep lit candles away from open vents and drafts.
  • Don't relight a belash soy candle when there is less than 4-6 mm of wax in the bottom of the container.  
  • Don't pour wax down the sink, you guys.  We did it once. It wasn't a good time for anyone.